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Relay for Life

LaQuetta Henson was more than a sister to me, she was an amazing friend and role model that I truly looked up to. While she had a year long battle with Acute Myeloid Refractory Cancer, I not only saw how brave my big sister was, but how strong she stayed the entire time, without giving up.

Q was, and still remains, a BIG my part of my life, and she is the biggest reason why I relay. I hope everybody feels compelled, or is inspired to donate whatever they can to Relay for Life. This event touches the lives of many, and gives hope to celebrating many more birthdays throughout the year. Every little bit counts, and you donation could go a very long way. I relay for LaQuetta Henson and Ashley Toon, my two heroes, gone too soon.

May they both rest in peace ♥


All you have to do is click this link and donate; every little bit counts <3

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